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Vadim Veiko, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Head of Department of Laser Systems and Technologies, Head of International Laboratory "Laser Micro-and Nanotechnologies”, Member of Dissertation Council D 212.227.04 and D 212.227.01, "Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation", "Honored Worker of Higher Education".

Vadim Veiko graduated from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (the former Leningrad Electrotechnical University) in 1963. From 1963 to 1969, he worked as an engineer at what is now called Leningrad Design Engineering Department "Svetlana". In 1965, he established a laboratory of laser technologies and started working at Leningrad Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (LIFMO), where he still works today. He defended his PhD thesis in 1968 and completed his doctoral thesis in 1982. In 1974, Vadim Veiko was given the title of Associate Professor, and in 1983 Professor.

In 1988, Vadim Veiko established the Department of Laser Systems which was the first in Russia. On his initiative and with his direct participation between 1993 — 1995 the new specialty was added to the Russian list of specialties on which the training of young specialists is conducted, and then was changed to "Laser Equipment and Laser Technologies".

Professor Veiko constantly gives several lecture courses within this specialty, such as "Physics and technology foundations of laser technologies", "Laser equipment and laser technologies", etc. From 1988 to 2014 he has published a significant number of textbooks including a textbook which was the first in the field, called "Collection of Tasks for Laser Technologies".

Professor Veiko has supervised 35 PhD students and 2 doctors of science. Now he is the academic supervisor for 5 graduate students and two PhD students.

Professor Veiko is the Head of the Leading school of sciences of the Russian Federation "Fundamentals of Laser Assisted Micro– and Nanotechnologies". Within this field for a long time he is the Head of Applied Research (then fundamental research) laboratory where he works on the newest areas of laser technologies. In the 70s and 80s, he initiated large-scale research of laser technologies in microelectronics. Since then he has created new scientific fields: "Laser processing of thin films — a laser lithograph" and "Laser formation of microoptical elements".

For his work, Professor Veiko has received awards of Presidium of AS of SSR and Ministry of Higher and Secondary Vocational Education of the USSR — for the best scientific works (1976, 1983 and 1984). For performance of a cycle of works on "Laser processing of thin films" and his introduction he was awarded (as a part of a group of authors) the State award USSR in 1986. For works of the period of 1975 — 85 he was awarded by 3 medals of VDNKh of the USSR (gold, silver, bronze) and the sign "Inventor of the USSR". In 2000 Professor Veiko is elected the Full member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences named after A. Prokhorov, in 2001 he was awarded the rank of "Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation", in 2005 he was awarded "Honorary Worker of Higher Education", in 2010 is conferred the Award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of education for creation innovative system of specialists training in the field of laser processing, the same year Professor Veiko was awarded with S. Vavilov's medal for outstanding achievements in the field of optics.

Recently Veiko repeatedly received various grants on performance of scientific works, including the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, RSF, V. Potanin Foundation etc. Directs work within scientific and technical programs of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Professor Veiko participates in work of the public, scientific organizations: he is a Full Member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation, Member of the International Laser Association, OSA, Russian Optical Society. He is a Member of board of national experts in lasers and laser technologies of the Russian Federation, the Expert of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, RSF, RUSNANO and other scientific funds.

Veiko is a member of 2 specialized Board of Academics for awarding the academic degree of the Doctor of Engineering at ITMO University.

He has extensive scientific and educational communications with foreign colleagues. He participates in training of international students and graduate students. He was repeatedly invited to give lectures and participate in international conferences. Repeatedly he was a participant, and also the Organizer and the Chairman of the International conferences on laser technologies. Veiko is an Editor of several releases "Proceeding SPIE". In 2014 he has published the monograph "Fundamentals of laser-assisted micro-and nanotechnologies" in Springer Verlag publishing house.

The list of the main scientific works of Veiko contains more than 300 references, including 9 monographs and 35 copyright certificates and patents.

Scientific works

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