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Igor Meshkovsky
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Honored Science Worker of Russian Federation.

I. Meshkovsky is a famous scientist in optical materials, author of new scientific direction – microcompositional matrix materials. He was the scientific director of the regional program "Fiber", which resulted in the first production of quartz optic fiber in USSR.

At the initiative of IK Meshkovsky in 1982 for the first time in the USSR in LITMO started training engineers, optometrists, engineers with specialization "Fiber and integrated optics."

In 1998, at the initiative of Professor Meshkovsky, the university started training engineers with specialization "Physics and optical communications equipment."

Since 1995, Professor IK Meshkovsky is a member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences named after Prokhorov. For 10 years he was a member of the Dissertation Council of optics at the St. Petersburg State University.

Starting in 1991, Dr. Meshkovsky has been carrying out research based on scientific and technical grants with Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, and collaborating with the Physics Institute of the University of Munich.

Along with his team, he’s currently working on creating a new class of solids, built on the principle of the introduction of nanoparticles in nanoporous template.

He’s a recipient of numerous awards and honors and a member of IEEE.

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