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Short Biography

Andrei V. Chugunov was born in Leningrad in 1956. He graduated from Saint Petersburg State University (Philosophy Faculty). Till 1993 he had been working in the sphere of library processes automation. In 1993—1996 he was working as a deputy director for International Post-graduate education and information center. In 1996—2007 he acted as a deputy director for Interdisciplinary Center for continuing professional education (Saint Petersburg State University). He achieved the PhD in political science in 2000.

At present he is the director of e-Government Center, national Research University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics (NRU ITMO) (since 2009), the Head of the Department of «Governmental Information System Management» and the director of Non-profit partnership «E-Development Partnership in the North-West» (PRIOR North-West) (since 2004) and associate professor at the Department for Informational Systems in Arts and Humanities of St. Petersburg State University (since 2006).


  • Mr.Chugunov published more than 100 papers dedicated to information society development, educational information services creating and eGovernment technologies implementation
  • He is a highly experienced expert, able to organise and deliver analytical researches in the fields of e-Government, IST development and International cooperation at the highest level: expertise on specific e-Government issues, ICT research and development; member of managing committee of all-Russia conference «Electronic Government» conducted on the base of E-Development Partnership in the North-West
  • He took part in project identification for the EC (revising of ToR for EC Tacis project «Development of Internet-Based Interactive Government to Business Services in Northwest Russia» – as a Director of the main partner for this EC Tacis project)
  • He has been a team leader for more than 15 years (being director and deputy director) in ICT research and development sphere
  • Directly managed multiple Russian and some international ICT development and research projects.

Professional membership

  • Expert Board of Information Society Development Commission the Council of Russian Federation
  • E-Government Working Group of Information Society Development in Russia Board
  • Information Society Development in St. Petersburg Board (Department man - The Governor of St.-Petersburg).
  • Information Society Development Working Group of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
  • The non-profit partnership «E-Development Partnership in the North-West» Board
  • Russian Political Science Association
  • ICO «Information for All» Expert Board
  • Russian Electronic Library Association Board.


Andrei V. Chugunov has 12 years experience of teaching.

He prepared more than 10 courses of lectures

  • eGovernment architecture
  • Organizational and legal support of the information society and eGovernment development
  • Social informatics
  • Information society technologies
  • Sociology of Internet
  • E-Government
  • Internet and policy
  • e-Government for distance learning
  • Professional work with Internet information resources
  • Internet technologies application in local administrations.

Current Research Interests

His research interests are in the area of E-Government, interdisciplinary socio-economic and political processes, applied political and sociological research, electronic libraries creating, pedagogical technologies, distant learning technologies.

Selected Publications

He has published more than 100 articles and 4 books.



  • Chugunov A.V. Internet Sociology. Course book. — St.Petersburg, 2007. 130 pages. [In Russian]
  • Chugunov A.V. Information Society Development. Course book. — St.Petersburg, 2007. 101 pages. [In Russian]
  • Chugunov A.V. Russian Internet Audience in a Mirror of Sociology. — St.Petersburg: St.Petersburg State University Publishers, 2006. 320 pages. [In Russian]


  • Bershadskaya L., Chugunov A., Trutnev D. IT Awareness of Senior Servants and It’s Influence on the Results of E-Gov Projects In Russia // Selected submissions will appear in the special issue of Government Information Quarterly, published by Elsevier. 2011. P. 244-248.
  • Chugunov A.V. Russia's Concept of «Electronic State»: the Formation of Public Policy, Organizational and Legal Problems // Vestnik Moscow University. Ser. 12: Political Science. 2010. Issue 3. P. 78 - 89. [In Russian] Development of the information society and e-government: possibilities for social inclusion // Information Communication Technologies for Elderly: New Chances for Social Inclusion and Democracy. St. Petersburg, 2009. P. 63 - 70. [In Russian / English] (
  • Chugunov A.V. Public Opinion Monitoring of E-Government Services (2005 – 2007 гг.) // Information Resource of Russia. 2008. № 1 (101). P. 2 – 7. [In Russian]
  • Borisov N.V., Chugunov A.V., Agaponova V.S. E-Government Development in Russia: Conditions and Experience / Nikolay V. Borisov, Andrey V. Chugunov, Varvara S. Agaponova [Paper to Seventh international EGOV conference 2008. Torino (Italy), August 31 – September 5, 2008]. Preprint: E-Development Partnership in the Northwest of Russia (PRIOR North-West). St. Petersburg, 2008. – 8 pages. [In English]
  • Chugunov A.V. Internet Development in Russia and Public Opinion Monitoring of The Program “Electronic Russia” Implementation (2002 – 2006.) // Information Resource of Russia. 2007. № 4 (98). P. 21 – 27. [In Russian]
  • Chugunov А.V. E-Government: Concept and Experience of Implementation in Russia // Integration of Theory and Practice in e-Government and Learning Based on the Information and Communication Technologies / Proceedings of International Conference (School of Management. St. Petersburg State University, October 6, 2006). St. Petersburg, 2006. P. 87 – 104. [In English]
  • Chugunov A.V. Indicators for Evaluation and Monitoring of emerging Information Society and Knowledge-based Economy // International Organizations Newsletter: Education, Science, New Economy. 2006. № 7. P. 13 – 30. [In Russian]
  • Development of Partnership Networks in the North-West Europe in the framework of International Cooperation in ICT Sphere /Irina V. Arefjeva, Alexander S. Bikkulov, Andrey V. Chugunov // Proc. of the 9th International Conference “Speech and Computer” SPECOM’2004. 20 – 22 September 2004. St.Petersburg, 2004. P. 603 – 606. [In English]
  • Chugunov A.V. Development of Information Society Models and Russian Choice of the Way in Epoch of Global Development // Political Communication in Post Soviet Russia: forming and the paradigm of development. Proceedings of the 3rd All-Russia Political Scientists Forum (Moscow, 28 – 29 April 2003). Moscow, 2003. P. 233 – 239. [In Russian]
  • Borisov N.V., Chugunov A.V. North-West Russia Perspectives in e-Government Technologies Implementation in Municipal Level // Information Society Technologies – Internet and Modern Society: Proceedings of V All-Russia Joint Conference (St Petersburg, 25 – 29 November 2002). St.Petersburg: St.Petersburg State University Publishers, 2002. P. 266 – 269. [In Russian]
  • Chugunov A.V. Information Society Development Trends in Russia // POLIS (Political Science Researches). 2002. № 5. P. 146 – 157. [In Russian]
  • Borisov N.V., Chugunov A.V. Internet and Information Society Technologies Development in Russia // Information Society Development in Russia. Vol. 1: Theory and Practice. St.Petersburg: St.Petersburg State University Publishers, 2001. P. 109 – 124. [In Russian]
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