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Alexander Baranenko was born on September 10, 1948, in the Zelentsovo town in Chernyakhovsky district of Kaliningrad region. In 1967, he graduated from the Polytechnic University of Kaliningrad with a degree in "Refrigeration and compressor systems and machinery". In 1967-1969, he served in the Soviet Armed Forces. In 1969-1970, he worked at Chernyakhovsk milk factory.

In 1970, he entered the Leningrad Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry (LTIRI) and in 1975, he graduated with honors. From 1972 to 1977, he was a secretary of the institute's A.U.L.Y.C.L committee. From 1977 to 1979 he worked as a junior researcher of scientific research sector of LTIRI, from 1979 to 1989 - as a Vice-Principal for Evening and Distance Learning, from 1989 to 1998 - as a Vice-Principal for Academic Affairs.

In April 1998, at the Conference of the labor staff, Alexander Baranenko was unanimously elected as a Principal of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Refrigeration and Food Technologies.

He defended his PhD thesis in 1980 and his doctoral dissertation in 1991. He got the title of an Associate Professor in 1985 and the title of a Professor in 1992.

He is the author of over 80 scientific and educational publications, including monographs, textbooks and educational guides that have a stamp of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, also he is an author of 12 author's certificates and patents for inventions. In 1985/86 academic year, he has attended scientific training at the University of Houston, United States.

As a lecturer and then as a professor A. Baranenko was involved in all kinds of workload at the Department of Refrigeration and Low Potential Energy. In February 1997, he was elected as a Head of Refrigerating Equipment Department.

Alexander Baranenko is a specialist in absorption machines and thermotransformers. Problems of increasing of the efficiency of lithium bromide refrigerating machines through intensification of the heat and mass transfer processes in apparatus and appliance of new corrosion inhibitors are presented in his doctoral thesis.

His scientific developments, embedded in a number of large industrial enterprises equipped with absorption refrigerating stations, had a big economic impact. 10 graduate students and two specialists with doctoral degrees were trained under the leadership of Alexander Baranenko.

Member of the International Academy of Refrigeration (MAX). President of MAX.

The chief editor of "Journal of International Academy of Refrigeration".

Member of the B2 Commission of the International Institute of Refrigeration.

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