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Anton Tsypkin
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    Associate professor at the Research and Educational Center for Photonics and Optoinformatics
    Senior researcher at the Center of Optical Information Technologies
    Senior researcher at the Laboratory of Quantum Processes and Measurements
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  • teaching;

  • research supervision;

  • project management.


2020 – DSc in mathematical sciences, ITMO University;

2013 – PhD in optics, ITMO University;

2010 – Master’s in optics, ITMO University;

2008 – Bachelor’s in photonics and optical information, ITMO University.

Professional activity

2020-present – a researcher, ITMO University;

2014-present – an associate professor, ITMO University;

2012-2014 – a research engineer, ITMO University;

2010-2012 – a junior researcher, ITMO University;

2010 – an engineer, ITMO University;

2006-2009 – a lab assistant, ITMO University.

Professional interests

Femtosecond optics, nonlinear optics, spectral supercontinuum, pulses with a small number of oscillations, coherence, optical information transfer, terahertz spectroscopy and imaging, filamentation, quantum optics, and correlation states.


2017 – V.S. Letokhov Award;

2015-2017 – a laureate of the Russian Presidential Scholarship;

2013 – a participant of the Photonics 2013 exhibition with a stand on high-speed data transfer systems;

2012 – a fellow of the SPIE Scholarship Program;

2011 – the 3rd place award certificate at the XIV Competition of Business Ideas, Scientific and Technical Developments, and Research Projects;

2010 – the winner of the St. Petersburg grant competition for students, young scientists, and PhDs;

2010 – the winner of Intel’s contest in information technology;

2009 – received a diploma for a device with the data transfer rate of over 30 Tb/s, Zworykin project contest;

2009 – the winner of ITMO Top Graduate Contest;

2009 – a laureate of the Russian Presidential Scholarship.

Other professional activities

  • Chair of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists “Optics-2017;"

  • Chair of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Fundamental Problems in Optics “FPO-2018."




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