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Liubov Lisitsyna


Liubov Lisitsyna earned an honors degree as an engineer, a designer, and a technologist of electronic computers from Penza State University in 1982, a PhD in automated design systems in 1987, and a DSc in automation and control of technologies and products (education) in 2008. Liubov Lisitsyna joined ITMO University in 1995 as a senior research associate first and then an associate professor at the celebrated Department of Computer Technologies. In 1999, Liubov Lisitsyna headed the re-established Distance Learning Center and then, in 2001, was promoted to the head of the Department of Educational Computer Technologies. After the university’s structural reform, she was appointed a professor at the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems. Liubov Lisitsyna supervises two educational programs: Neurotechnologies and Software Engineering (Master’s) and Neurotechnologies and Programming (Bachelor’s). She is also the deputy chair of the Academic Degree Council and a member of the faculty’s Academic Council.

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