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Natalia Bystriantseva
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    Assosiate Professor at Faculty of Applied Optics, Head of International Master's Program in Lighting Design
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In 2004, Natalia Bystriantseva graduated from Saratov State Technical University with a degree in architecture and environmental design. In 2015, she defended her PhD thesis in architecture at Moscow Architectural Institute. Apart from that, she participated in a range of vocational training programs, including the program in the development of adaptive educational programs for physically challenged people (2017), and the one in the approaches to optical systems development (2015, ITMO University, Russia).


Natalia Bystriantseva started her professional career in 2009 as the Head of the Architecture and Design group at the SvetoProject company (Moscow). She worked in this position until 2014, when she joined ITMO University. In 2014, she was awarded the National Award ‘Architecture and Design’, while in 2015, she became the head of ITMO University's Master's program "Lighting Design". The author of the concept of the Art&Science international Master's program, in 2017 she was appointed to the position of the head of ITMO University's Art&Science Cluster. Natalia Bystriantseva is currently an Associate Professor at ITMO University's Faculty of Applied Optics, as well as the head of ITMO's international Master's program in Lighting Design.

Dr. Bystriantseva has more than ten years of professional experience and is the author of over 20 research papers in the field of Lighting Design. She has coordinated a range of applied R&D projects commissioned by the local authorities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Her work focuses on an integrated approach to the sustainable development of the urban environment in a long-term perspective with the emphasis on the creation of concepts and analytical solutions that can be adapted to the changes in an investment climate and the tasks solved by local authorities and decision-makers.


Natalia Bystriantseva's research interests include design, innovations, and urban studies

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