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Daria received a degree in process and production automation from Tver State Technical University where she continued her research and work after graduation. She completed her practical training in Western Siberia and later worked at a geophysics company. Her academic and teaching activities focused on the development of analytical tools. During this period, Daria obtained five patents on her models of measuring devices. 

In 2010-2013, she was selected as a chair of the Regional Youth Section of the Scientific Council on the Methodology of Artificial Intelligence of the RAS, won the Government Scholarship, and became a two-time winner of the Presidential Prize for the support of talented youth.

At the same time, Daria was engaged in the implementation of quality management systems and distance learning methods in higher education institutions of the Tver region, as well as developed several educational programs and online teaching materials.

In 2012, she became the head of the Student Council at Tver State Technical University and founded MEDИА-ON, a cross-media editorial board that integrated the work of different student media outlets: a journal, TV show, radio podcast, and photoclub.

In 2013, Daria was invited to the position of PR specialist at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University by the Vice Rector for research. 

Among her key projects was the development of the concept for a website showcasing the university’s scientific activities and partnerships with major popular science publications. Daria is an expert of the working group on reorganizing scientific activities. She also provided information support for the key scientific events, and developed a PR strategy and content for leading university laboratories. Since 2015, she has been in charge of special media projects about science at the university.

Daria completed  internships in the US (Washington) and Germany (Düsseldorf, Dresden, and Aachen). She took part in Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities, World Youth Congress in Azerbaijan (Baku), and School of Public Diplomacy in Moscow.

In 2015, Daria joined the team of ITMO’s Strategic Communications Department and focused on educational and internet initiatives in science communication.


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