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Research Center “Strong AI in Industry”

Alexander Boukhanovsky
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Established in 2021, the Research Center “Strong AI in Industry” aims to build a foundation for relevant technologies and lay the scientific and methodological ground for breakthrough digital solutions that are in-demand on the national and global markets. 

The center develops generative AI-based technologies for industrial enterprises, including:

  • strong AI frameworks, libraries, and algorithms;
  • maintenance and testing platforms for AI systems;
  • decision support systems for industrial applications;
  • applied solutions for industrial partners.

Together with its key partners, Gazprom Neft and the Artificial Intelligence in Industry Association, the center creates digital solutions to improve the efficiency of the full production cycle, from logistics, recruitment, and purchase of equipment to planning the development and operation of oil and gas fields. Apart from domestic companies, the center cooperates with international market leaders, including Siemens and Huawei. 

By doing projects for industrial partners, the center forms a core of technologies that will pave the way for more advanced AI products.

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