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Mikhail Fedosovsky


  • Research Laboratory of Technogenic Safety

The Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies is engaged in the study and development of novel competitive serial products based on systems and technologies of digital production. 


  • As part of the Russian Government Decree No. 218, the institute established a high-tech production of next-gen high-precision ultrafast electromechanical power drives with the use of a roller screw drive for industrial and special applications;

  • Within the framework of the event No. 1.4 of the Federal Target Program "Research and development in priority areas of development of the scientific and technical complex of Russia for 2014-2020," the institute developed a new contactless magnetic method of non-destructive testing of pipelines with variable magnetization of metal and used this method to run experimental development of a prototype control and measuring in-line robotic complex, providing a solution to the problem of timely diagnosis of corrosion damage to underground pipelines of heating networks of small diameters without opening them for the energy field and housing and communal services (beginning September 19, 2014 – ending December 31, 2016);

  • Research on the creation of the design concept and functions of high-tech production of a serial innovative product on the example of an electromechanical drive (beginning June 15, 2018 - ending July 31, 2021);

  • Creation of a robotic flaw detector with a phased electromagnetic acoustic antenna array and contactless ultrasonic wave input (beginning October 25, 2017 - December 31, 2020)

  • Development of an express diagnostic method based on transverse SH waves and creation of a prototype of automated diagnostic equipment for high-speed search for crack-like defects and metal loss of pipelines strapping compressor and pumping stations (beginning October 3, 2016 – ending December 31, 2018.


Dr. Fedosovsky was awarded the Prize in science and technology of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Available equipment

The institute includes four laboratories involved in applied studies and projects in mathematical and economic modeling and analysis of production processes, cyberphysical systems, industrial robotic systems and high-performance industrial technologies, and information control systems with AI elements.

All specialized courses are delivered at the company Diakont. Over the course of their training, students have access to the company’s laboratories and production resources. 


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