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«Institute of Design & Urban Studies» — an experimental educational hub, created to promote innovative approaches for urban transformation, human-oriented design and business education in dynamic urban environments, services and (eco) systems.

Students and teachers of the Institute consider tools for planning and design as a strategic asset in the sustainable practice of companies, communities, organizations, and citizens.

«Institute of Design & Urban Studies» is aimed at forming a sustainable network of strategic partnerships with international organizations in various cities of the world: educational institutions, businesses, public and professional organizations and city agencies.

Partners of the Institute, with the participation of international students on the basis of transdisciplinary programs, form the agenda. Educational programs involve interactive methods of thinking and design research, focused on solving complex problems related to: regeneration of urban areas, urban education, entrepreneurship in the urban ecosystem, social innovation and urban mobility.

«Institute of Design & Urban Studies» - an experimental platform to launch new lines of multidisciplinary educational programs.

IDU educational programs are innovative as to the size of the interaction between teachers and students, so in areas of training.

The program implies a variety of techniques of critical thinking in addressing the challenges of urban areas: the environment, planning, business innovation, communities, products and ecosystems.

The success of the IDU, initially depends on motivated students, curiously exploring the world in which the processes like actions and actors is a connection of disparate forces.

No matter what the students' competence are, it’s a new generation of planners and designers, urban entrepreneurs (urbanpreuners) and social innovators who develop transdisciplinary methods for solving urban problems.



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