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Sergey Mityagin Russian

Sergey Mityagin


In 2009 he graduated from Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" with the degree in Applied Mathematics.

In 2012 defended a PhD thesis in Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes on ‘Modeling the processes of drug addiction by population based on complex networks’ in ITMO University.

From 2006 to 2016 he worked at St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre"   (Data Administrator, Main Specialist-Programmer, Lead Expert and Information Analysis Systems Software Development Manager).

Since 2016 he has been working as a Director of Institute of Design & Urban Studies - an experimental educational hub at the ITMO University.

Sergey Mityagin teaches the following courses: Quantitative methods of information analysis

His research interests are: Urban Mobility, Criminal Situation, Multiscale Modeling, Anesthesia, Drug Addiction, re-analysis, Socio-economic Factors, Data Assimilation.

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