Fees and financial support

Fees and financial support

Fees and financial support

If you are looking at potential enrollment at ITMO University, it is always good to know the financial aspects of your future studies.

Below is the approximation of the costs for the international students in Russian Rubles (RUR). 

  • Accomodation - University dormitories (1,819 – 4,039 RUR/ month)
  • Medical insurance (4,500 RUR/year)
  • Fee for mailing a letter of invitation from ITMO to your home country necessary for Russian Visa (500-3,000 RUR depending on urgency)
  • Reduced-price public transport card in St. Petersburg (750 RUR/month)
  • Please remember that there are also miscellaneous items, such as clothing, sundries, and other personal items

Scholarships for studies in Russia may be available for some categories of international students, so please be daring and inquire about the financial support available from world-wide known foundations and programs, such as:

For additional information on what scholarships are best for you please contact ITMO International Office at international@mail.ifmo.ru 

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