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The success of science and business is inconceivable without well-developed institutional cooperation. That’s why the main focus of venture collaboration at ITMO University is to fuel the innovations of our industrial partners. It keeps our researchers aware of current industry challenges and provides our industrial partners with access to our cutting-edge technology.

ITMO University’s venture collaboration activities aim to achieve a wide range of goals:

  • Identify and validate the pathways to impactful and mutually beneficial collaborative research

  • Fulfill the R&D needs of the university’s industrial partners while simultaneously seizing innovative opportunities as they arise

  • Stimulate and enrich research at ITMO University

  • Support the application and implementation of R&D results

  • Deliver contract research fully funded by an external partner

  • Combine academic expertise with commercial knowledge from external partners

ITMO actively cooperates with partner universities on conducting joint scientific research. We have more than 300 partners all over the world, united by our cutting-edge work on science’s most topical issues and our common mission of educating top-rank specialists.

Key R&D collaborative projects

New Biomedical Products

Working in collaboration with SLU University, ITMO University scientists developed biocomposites made of proteins based on natural spider silk and optically active nanoparticles. The invention combines the properties of natural silk fiber and synthetic particles. The biocomposite has unique mechanical characteristics and can give a detectable optical response when exposed to infrared radiation, which makes it a potential candidate for biomedical applications. 

Optical Chips in a Petri Dish

A team of scientists led by ITMO researchers proposed a quick and affordable method to create optical chips right in a Petri dish. The laser made of halide perovskite was grown directly on the waveguide in a common Petri dish. The resulting systems can transmit signals for a much greater distance than their counterparts with silicon or silver nano-waveguides. At the same time, the size of these chips is about three times less than that of its IR band analogs.

Machine Learning and User Metrics

The latest in a series of ITMO and VK’s collaborations is the joint work by scientists from ITMO’s Machine Learning Lab and the members of VK’s CoreML team. As part of their first project, the specialists built a graph based on experimental metrics data garnered by VK. The second joint project focused on training a neural network responsible for the classification of content in order to select interesting posts for different types of users The results are used to develop research papers on machine learning, data processing and other fields of knowledge the projects touched upon.

Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Master's Program

ITMO University and Schneider Electric have entered a partnership agreement, as part of which they will jointly launch a corporate Master’s program that will develop the project-based learning approach by involving the faculty and students in next-gen projects at modern manufacturing facilities.

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