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Fellowship and Professorship Program


ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program provides an outstanding opportunity for scientists and professors from around the world to pursue their research interests and build their academic careers at ITMO University.


  • Research Professorship is meant for world-class professionals from around the world who have the potential to develop new or contribute to the existing fields pursued at the university. 
  • Fellowship invites researchers at different career stages to conduct independent research projects in collaboration with the university’s scientists and students.
  • Postdoc is designed for early-career researchers wishing to join one of the university’s laboratories and share their expertise with the team.
  • Micro Fellowship is aimed at short-term research collaborations with one of ITMO’s laboratories.
  • Visiting Lecturer focuses on exchanging expertise in the field of interest and conducting workshops and/or innovative courses designed by candidates.
  • PI + Team is meant for research teams who would like to launch their own laboratories at the university.

Head here to find interviews with participants of the program. 


Julia Khutornaia​, coordinator of ITMO ​Fellowship and Professorship Program, fellowship@itmo.ru


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