Study and Living Costs

St. Petersburg is a relatively inexpensive city to live in, ranking fourth for affordability worldwide according to QS Best Student Cities Ranking, with inexpensive housing options, low transport costs, and a variety of shops to suit all budgets. 


ITMO University has several dormitories at its disposal, all conveniently located either within the limits of its “student town” or next to St. Petersburg's metro stations. All ITMO University campuses are also located within walking distance to the metro stations. 


Once you officially are an ITMO University student, you are entitled to use the services of the healthcare clinic located at ITMO University's main campus on Kronverksky Pr. 49. Some of the services include first aid, treatment of a variety of acute illnesses, minor injuries and burns, vaccinations, preventive medicine. The doctor can also make referrals to specialists.

The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9am till 3pm. If you are feeling acutely sick and unable to go to class, please visit the doctor till noon to receive a medical excuse note. 


Students and staff are welcome to use sporting facilities on Vyazemski Pereulok 5/7 free of charge. The sports center consists of a full-size basketball court, a gym with a variety of workout equipment, and a climbing wall.

ITMO University also has a student sports club Kronbars, which boasts over 20 sports teams ranging from basketball and soccer to table tennis and cheerleading. It also offers access to other sports such as yoga and swimming at various facilities around town.

If you're thinking of joining a team, we'd love to have you as part of our club!

Please see the sports clubs' schedules and sign up for classes here or contact


Social Life, Arts and Volunteering

Whatever your talent, let it shine at ITMO. From several singing groups to dance studios, an anime group, a literary club to various volunteering organizations and open laboratories, you are certain to find “your people”. Choose your own path!

International Students Organizations

ITMO University’s network of international students organizations aims to uinte and represent the university’s diverse international community. Their goal is to serve as a platform for ensuring communication and collaboration between international students, the university and the St. Petersburg community.


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