Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Welcome International Scholars and Researchers!

International scholars and researchers are an extraordinary group that creates a truly unique environment for education, collaboration and breakthrough research at ITMO University.

The mission of our Institute of International Development and Partnership is to facilitate the arrival and work of international visitors, including scholars, who are invited to teach, conduct research, observe and collaborate at ITMO University. We encourage and support the exchange of scholars and strive to ease their transition into the campus community as well as make the most out of their stay in St. Petersburg.

We are here to answer your questions about:

  • Appointment / hiring process
  • Visas, immigration, travel
  • Financial matters
  • Housing
  • Health insurance and health services
  • Orientation
  • Resources for daily life (cell phones, banking, local transport, etc.)
  • On and off campus activities at ITMO
  • Life in St. Petersburg

Getting ready to come to ITMO?

  • Connect with the department, international research center or other ITMO entity that fits your interests.
  • Contact the Institute of International Development and Partnership to start your visa process and make other arrangements. Visas can take a while, so we recommend starting the process as early as possible.
  • Once you arrive, we will guide you every step of the way through settling in and starting your work.


Institute of International Development and Partnership

ITMO University

199034, Russia, St. Petersburg,

Birzhevaya linia, 14, office 433, 435

+7 (812) 457 17 90

E-mail: international@mail.ifmo.ru

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