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ITMO University has 70+ Master’s programs, including 20+ English-taught ones, in a variety of fields with a focus on IT, engineering, photonics, food biotechnologies, and innovations.

Depending on your interests and career plans, you can opt for a scientific, industrial, corporate, or entrepreneurial Master's program, where you will be able to further personalize your education by picking the subjects that will form your individual learning track. At ITMO, you can acquire advanced knowledge and hands-on experience at the cutting edge of science and technology tailored to your preferences. 

Our students not only learn from the best and collaborate with them but also get to jumpstart their careers during their studies through launching startups, publishing research papers in esteemed journals, creating art projects, or interning at top companies.

Though most of Master's programs at ITMO are taught in Russian, prospective students can apply for international/double-degree Master's programs or join the university’s Foundation Program, summer/winter schools in the Russian language and culture, or Russian courses by ITMO’s Foreign Language Training Center to brush up on their Russian skills and prepare themselves for university studies. 

For more information on how to apply, check out our handy step-by-step application guide and take advantage of various contests and competitions that could help you get into ITMO without having to take any exams or paying tuition fees.

List of specializations in 2022-2023


Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems

Computer Technologies and Control

Life Sciences

Physics and Engineering

Translational Information Technologies

Map Building plans

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