Strategic Communications Department

The mission of ITMO’s Strategic Communications Department is to provide comprehensive support and development of the ITMO University brand, keep the public informed about the university’s key events and achievements, and promote the university as a modern, actively developing entity and one of the leading higher education institutions in Russia.

Focus areas

  • build and strengthen the ITMO University brand;
  • establish and develop an efficient system for promoting the university at the national and world levels with the help of innovative communication channels;
  • create and develop a united university community / corporate communications;
  • introduce and develop new focus areas for the university based on its branding goals;
  • promote science communication as the university's priority brand objective;
  • organize admission campaigns and increase their quality; 
  • develop new areas of pre-university training for school students;
  • collaborate with the best schools in St. Petersburg and Russian regions;
  • promote the university as an employer, communicate with applicants, and source talents, etc.


Kirill Aleksandrov
Phone: +7 (921) 347-01-14


Kronverksky Pr. 49, St. Petersburg


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