Strategic Communications Department

Strategic Communications Department

Strategic Communications Department

The mission of the Strategic Communications Department is to provide comprehensive support and development of the ITMO University brand, to keep the public informed about the University’s key events and achievements, and to promote the University as a modern, actively developing entity and one of the leaders of higher education in Russia.  

Strategic Communications Department provides successful communication with scientific community.

The activities of the Department include:

  • Press relations and collaboration with media
  • Timely coverage of the key scientific, academic and extra-curricular events
  • University brand promotion on the Internet
  • Market research
  • Government and non-profit organizations relations
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Public relations
  • ITMO print materials

Press Office

Press Office of Strategic Communications Department  is the first port of call for journalists, media, international associations and partners.

The Press Office handles all incoming media and partners’ enquiries contacting the University as well as issues all statements to the media, covering academic, policy-related and general information.

Science Communication  Office

Science Communications Office is targeted on building international science networks as well as creating bilateral dialogue between science and society.


Anna Veklich

Tel +7 (960) 270-62-98



Adress Kronversky Pr. 49, Office 270, St. Petersburg, Russia 197101

Dmitry Malkov, Science Communication and Outreach Officer

Tel: +7 (953) 377-55-08


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