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Kirill Aleksandrov


Kirill Aleksandrov, currently the head of ITMO’s Strategic Communications Department, finished Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and earned a Specialist’s degree in public relations from St. Petersburg State University of Economics. He completed several advanced training programs at the European Institute of Public Relations (IEERP) in 2010, Russia Today training center in 2013, the I&E consulting agency, as well as at leading universities in China, namely Fudan University and Tsinghua University.

Since his student years, Kirill Aleksandrov has been actively engaged in youth projects and communities, including the student chapter of the Russian Public Relations Association in St. Petersburg.

Mr. Aleksandrov started his career in 2009 at the northwestern branch of the Russian Public Relations Association, where he worked as a project coordinator starting 2010. He also was a PR manager at SPN Ogilvy (SPN Communications – since 2014). Later, he was promoted to the head of the development department and was responsible for the internal and external communications of SPN Ogilvy’s offices in Russia and Ukraine (Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kyiv), the implementation of the company’s promoting strategy, as well as corporate and social programs, the company’s involvement in the development of communications, interactions with partners and media, the organization of brand projects, and so on. 

In 2013, Kirill Aleksandrov became the communications director at NationalPro (Moscow) where he was in charge of the agency’s rebranding, as well as its programs associated with internal communications and marketing strategies. 

From 2011 to 2014, he was a member of the organization committees at several events in the communications sector: the Baltic PR Weekend (now Baltic Weekend) and PROBA-IPRA Golden World Awards. He is also a part of the expert councils at the national competition in political communication PolitPRpro and the international contest for social projects Mass Media Perspective.

In 2013, he headed ITMO’s Department of Public Relations, which was transformed into the Event Management Department in 2014. In 2016, he was appointed the head of the PR Department. In 2017, he became the head of the Center for Special Projects and headed the Strategic Communications Department in 2021. 


  • develop and implement communication and marketing strategies;

  • organize admissions campaigns;

  • attract talented prospective students and staff;

  • develop internal communications and form corporate values, including ITMO Family;

  • organize key brand events;

  • interact with the state’s authorities and media representatives;

  • engage in the university’s spatial development;

  • form a knowledge management system and library 2.0;

  • communicate with the university’s partners;

  • implement educational programs for school students;

  • develop and support modern web resources.


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