In Russia all universities and schools start their academic year on September 1. If it fall on a weekend, then we come to classes on the first working day after September 1st. 

At ITMO University all programs are configured by semesters. There're 2 semesters per each academic year with a winter break and a summer break. Each semester ends with an exam session.

Grading system in Russia is from 2 to 5, where 2 is "Fail" and 5 is "Excellent." Some of the classes will use a pass/fail grading system. Every professor explains the grading system for his or her course at the beginning of the semester. 

Your schedule will be the same week to week. Daily schedules are also fixed for the entire semester, though the classes are different every day.


  • Monday you'll have physics, math, sports, Russian and English,
  • Tuesday you'll have chemistry, theory of IT, English and theory of nano-materials.
  • Wednesday will also have a special agenda. Next week the schedule repeats. 

Attendance is mandatory and taken by the professor. When missing classes due to a sickness, a note from the doctor is required upon return to the University. 

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