• Computer Systems and Technologies

    09.03.01 Computer Science and Computing Hardware
  • Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems

  • Ivan Loginov, +7 (911) 705-82-04, loginov@itmo.ru

  • Head of the Program: Pavel Kustarev, Associate Professor

    Tuition fees

    310,000 rubles/year

    Program description

    Computer Systems and Technologies is a classical IT major for tech leads and leading engineers in the field of high technology. At ITMO University, this program was at the root of the entire computer and programming specialization area. The key feature of this program is its comprehensive approach to teaching the architecture, composition, and modern technologies for the development of computer systems, computer networks and system software. The graduates’ specializations include systems engineer and systems architect.

    Key subjects

    • Software Testing
    • Low-Level Programming
    • Computer Networks
    • Systems-on-a-Chip
    • Artificial Intelligence Systems


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