• Information Security Technologies

    10.03.01 Information Security*
  • Faculty of Secure Information Technologies

  • Ivan Loginov, +7 (911) 705-82-04, loginov@itmo.ru

  • *10.03.01 Information Security
      11.03.03 Design and Technology of Electronic Devices

    Head of the Program: Danil Zakoldaev, Dean of the Faculty of Secure Information Technologies

    Tuition fees

    310,000 rubles/year

    Program description

    The program is aimed at training professionals capable of working in the most interesting positions in the field of information security, such as information security specialists, virus analysts, functional security engineers, information security developers, and many others. Our graduates conduct the development, introduction, and implementation of information security systems on all levels, as well as develop new and promising technologies for ensuring cybersecurity. The studies are implemented with a practice-oriented approach. Students work with industry-based lecturers who transfer their experience of solving real-life tasks, which makes it significantly easier for our graduates to find employment and makes them highly sought-after on the job market. 

    Key subjects

    • Information Security Theory and Methodology

    • Technical Information Protection

    • Mobile Device Management

    • Data Transmission Networks and Systems

    • Computer Vision


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