• Programming in Information and Communication Systems

    11.03.02 Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems
  • Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies

  • Pavel Kuznetsov, +7 (931) 378-5018, pakuznetsov@itmo.ru

  • Head of the Program: Alexandr Kapitonov, Associate Professor

    Tuition fees

    280,000 rubles/year

    Program description

    The program allows students to acquire the latest knowledge and skills in the dynamic field of information and communication technologies, including opportunities for conducting research and development in the spheres of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT). 

    The program is aimed at helping students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in designing and developing software for infocommunication systems. Students learn programming languages (C++; Python; Java; С#;  webdev technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, PHP) and databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL), master the methods of developing models of complex systems for processing experimental data, as well as acquire skills in creating data storage and processing systems.

    The following specializations are offered as part of the program: 

    • Applied Programming in Infocommunication Systems, with a focus on theoretical and practical knowledge in the design, development, testing and operation of infocommunication systems software;
    • Network and Cloud Technologies, with a focus on theoretical and practical knowledge in the design, introduction and support of both cloud infrastructure in general  and cloud services in particular, namely on the basis of such popular programming languages as C, C++, C#, PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript and server technologies JavaEE and .NET, as well as the development of web applications using networks Node.js, React and Vue that interact with database management systems (relational and NoSQL) and other systems;
    • Wireless Telecommunications, with a focus on theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of radio communications and data transmission, as well as design and construction of the main types of wireless communication systems: satellite, radio-relay, professional mobile radio communications, mobile communications, intelligent transport systems and the Internet of Things.

    Key subjects

    • Next-Generation Communication Networks
    • Design of Infocommunication Systems
    • Network Programming
    • Principles of Building Telecommunication Networks
    • Programming


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