• Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics

    12.03.05 Laser Engineering and Laser Technologies*
  • Faculty of Photonics

  • Pavel Varlamov, +7 (931) 008-0723, p.v.varlamov@itmo.ru

  • *12.03.05 Laser Engineering and Laser Technologies
     16.03.01 Technical Physics


    Head of the Program: Maxim Sergeev, Senior Research Associate

    Tuition fees

    303,000 rubles/year 

    Program description

    The program’s graduates are involved in the development of the latest laser systems, as well as the creation of new materials for the field of optoelectronics. The unique properties of laser radiation which allow for concentrating its energy in space, time and the spectral range make it indispensable in many fields: from industry to medicine and information technologies. Laser and optoelectronic technologies are indispensable for infocommunication systems, where they are used for recording, storing, transmitting and processing data. With the development of information technologies, the demand for different types of lasers continues to grow significantly. Such technologies are used both for technological and crude tasks such as cutting thick sheets of steel in the manufacturing of aircraft or cars, and for high-precision medical purposes, for example, for correcting human vision or for treating tumors.

    The education process at the program makes use of the cutting-edge experimental and research facilities available at ITMO University and features the best specialists and scientists in the field, which makes it possible to provide students with field-specific knowledge and skills on the highest level. 

    Key subjects

    • Information Transfer and Signal Modulation
    • Fiber and Solid State Lasers
    • Laser Technologies for Processing of Materials
    • Solid State Physics
    • Radio Photonics


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