• Applied and Theoretical Physics

    16.03.01 Technical Physics
  • Faculty of Physics

  • Anaida Vartanova, +, arvartanova@itmo.ru

  • Head of the Program: Pavel Belov, Dean, Professor

    Tuition fees

    303,000 rubles/year

    Program description

    Implemented on the basis of ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, the program trains highly qualified specialists in the modern fields of physics. The program blends fundamental training in theoretical physics and mathematics with in-depth exploration of topical sections of modern physics such as nanophotonics, quantum optics, and radio physics. Its student-oriented approach ensures that students have extensive opportunities for choosing their individual learning tracks thanks to a wide range of elective subjects each of which is taught by lecturers possessing the highest level of expertise,  

    Key subjects

    • Theory of Groups and Representations
    • Theoretical Mechanics
    • Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable
    • Programming
    • Mathematical Analysis
    • Linear Algebra
    • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
    • Electrodynamics
    • Physics
    • Differential Equations


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