• Applied and Theoretical Physics

    16.03.01 Physics and Engineering
  • Faculty of Physics

  • Anaida Vartanova, +, arvartanova@itmo.ru

  • Head of the Program: Pavel Belov, Dean, Professor

    Tuition fees

    330,000 rubles/year

    Program description

    The program trains highly qualified specialists in the modern fields of physics. It blends fundamental training in theoretical physics and mathematics with an in-depth exploration of topical sections of modern physics such as nanophotonics, quantum optics, and radiophysics. Its student-oriented approach ensures that students have extensive opportunities for choosing their individual learning tracks thanks to a wide range of elective subjects each of which is taught by lecturers possessing the highest level of expertise.

    Key subjects

    • Theory of Groups and Representations
    • Theoretical Mechanics
    • Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable
    • Programming
    • Mathematical Analysis



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