• Energy Systems Engineering

    16.03.03 Refrigeration and Cryogenic Equipment and Life Support Systems
  • Faculty of Energy and Ecotechnology

  • Aleksei Asach, +7 (921) 398-0582, avasach@itmo.ru

  • Head of the Program: Tatyana Ryabova, Associate Professor

    Tuition fees

    303,000 rubles/year 

    Program description

    The program aims at forming unique professional competencies that allow students to employ trailblazing technological processes for solving some of the most pressing global issues. Students are trained for industrial and technological work in the field of cryogenic, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, namely the application of low temperatures and artificial cold, production, storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas, creation of an artificial climate, and the use of renewable energy sources. They can tailor their specialization thanks to a wide range of elective courses available as part of the program.

    Key subjects

    • Fundamentals of Heat Engineering
    • Concepts of Low-Temperature Systems Development
    • Transportation and Storage of Cryogenic Liquids


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