• Biotechnology

    19.03.01 Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Biotechnologies

  • Aleksei Fedotov, +7 (981) 820-4946, aafedorov@itmo.ru

  • Head of the Program: Olesya Volokh

    Tuition fee

    255,000 rubles/year

    Program description

    As part of the program, students acquire professional knowledge and skills that allow them to make decisions and develop projects in the field of biotechnology of food products of plant and animal origin associated with industrial production of drinks, bread, confectionery, dairy products and cheeses, as well as in the field of applying biotechnology and engineering systems for the purposes of ensuring environmental safety and sustainable use of resources such as creating biological systems for degrading and neutralizing harmful chemicals polluting the environment, as well as processing manufacturing and consumption waste with the production of secondary materials and energy.

    Students have access to modern laboratories and can take part in internships at Russian and international companies and partner universities. The scope for future professional activity includes research, production and use of microbial, fungal, cell cultures for biological treatment, detoxification, bioremediation and biomonitoring of environmental objects.

    Key subjects

    • Homeostasis and Nutrition
    • Food Safety
    • Fundamentals of Food Nanobiotechnology
    • Fundamentals of Genetic Engineering
    • Food Chemistry
    • Fundamentals of Biotechnology
    • Nutritional and Dietary Supplements
    • Food Design
    • Molecular Modeling of Biopolymers
    • Molecular Food Technology
    • Fundamentals of Environmental Monitoring
    • Principles of Bioethics


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