• Technological Innovations Management

    27.03.05 Innovation Studies
  • Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

  • Svetlana Kazakova, +7 (911) 782-4404, sk@itmotech.com

  • Head of the Program: Elena Budrina, Professor

    Tuition fees

    280,000 rubles/year

    Program description

    The program is aimed at training specialists with an organizational and managerial focus whose activities – ranging from organization, design, implementation, and commercialization of innovations to the management of technological development – are aimed at solving problems and propelling enterprises forward through designing and introducing innovations, managing corporate innovative development in real-life conditions and in accordance with global technological trends. The program’s graduates are fully prepared to work in the capacity of specialists, engineers, and organizers for the introduction and management of technological innovations in production processes.

    Key subjects

    • Statistics
    • System Analysis and Decision Making
    • Modeling of Technological Processes
    • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Management
    • Commercialization of Innovations


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