• Mathematical and Computer Modeling

    01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science*
  • Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics

  • Maria Moskalenko, +7 (967) 974-9397, mamoskalenko@itmo.ru

  • *01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
      27.04.03 System Analysis and Control


    380,000 rubles/year


    Graduates of the Mathematical and Computer Modeling Master’s program are world-class professionals with top-notch competencies and research backgrounds ready to conduct scientific investigations on their own or as part of research teams specializing in mathematics, computer science, and programming.

    The program offers several specializations: 

    1. Mathematical Models of Complex Systems
    2. Intelligent Information Systems


    Mathematical and computer modeling are widely used in business and science. Specialists with such expertise are able to address a wide range of tasks from discovering novel chemical compounds to optimizing business processes.


    • Random Processes and Statistics
    • Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
    • Geometrical Methods for Analysis of Dynamical Systems (sp. Mathematical Models of Complex Systems)
    • Structural Research of Intelligent Systems (sp. Intelligent Information Systems)
    • Mathematical and Simulation Modeling


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