• Computer Systems and Technologies

    09.04.01 Computer Science and Computing Hardware
  • Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems

  • Sergei Bykovskii, +7 (911) 761-10-65, sergei_bykovskii@itmo.ru


    380,000 rubles/year


    The Computer Systems and Technologies Master's program aims to train top engineers and team leaders in the field of full-stack development of computer systems.

    The program includes the following specializations:

    • Telecommunication Systems
    • Embedded and Cyberphysical Systems
    • Systems-on-a-Chip
    • Computing Systems and Networks


    Digitalization has made its way deep into all areas of human activity. Still, all the new breakthrough technologies such as IoT, Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems, robotics, AI, VR, AR, and so on have a common foundation: computer systems and networks. The program's graduates work at over a hundred different organizations, many of which have long-established ties with ITMO University. Among the most notable are Intel, Samsung, LG, Yandex, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, SberBank, and many others.


    • Computing Systems Reliability (sp. Computing Systems and Networks)
    • Verification and Testing of Systems on a Chip (sp. Systems-on-a-Chip)
    • Architecture and Modeling of Cyberphysical Systems (sp. Embedded and Cyberphysical Systems)
    • Theory of Control Systems and Systems Analysis (sp. Telecommunication Systems)
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