Neurotechnologies and Software Engineering
  • Neurotechnologies and Software Engineering

    09.04.04 Software Engineering
  • Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems

  • Alexey Shikov, +7-911-922-09-41,


    262,000 rubles/year 


    This corporate Master's program includes both subjects on the modern methodology of software engineering and subjects on methods and means of development and application of neurotechnologies. The wide range of elective disciplines available as part of the program allows students to build their own individual educational tracks.

    Two specializations are available as part of the program:

    • Telecommunications Software (implemented in collaboration with the company Nexign)
    • Software for the Implementation of Neurotechnologies (implemented in collaboration with Brain Development LLC)

    Read more about the program and its partners here


    The program and its field of focus were designed in line with the National Technology Initiative NeuroNet and the development strategy of the School of Computer Technologies and Control. NeuroNet is to become the next step in the development of internet (Web 4.0), where new neural interfaces will be used for human-machine interaction. As of today, the associated labor market is estimated at 180 billion USD, and is expected to exceed 1 trillion USD by 2035. All this ensures the program's relevance. 


    • 3D Model Development Technologies
    • Visual Programming Technologies
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies
    • Game Technologies for Online Courses


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