• System and Applied Software

    09.04.04 Software Engineering
  • Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems

  • Igor Bessmertniy, +7 (921) 956-31-54, bessmertny@itmo.ru


    380,000 rubles/year


    This corporate Master's program trains highly qualified specialists in the field of industrial production and operation of information and computing systems. Our students are highly competent in research, design, development, and support of software for parallel and distributed information and computing systems. The main emphasis in the learning process is placed on design and research activities in the field of information systems on an enterprise-wide scale.

    Students can choose between five specializations:

    • Information and Computing Systems, with a focus on the development and maintenance of large-scale software products;
    • Conversational AI Technologies, implemented together with the telecom company MTS (read more about this brand-new specialization here);
    • Computer Modeling Technologies, with a focus on predictive modeling in technical and information systems;
    • Computer Visualization Technologies, with a focus on the technologies for the synthesis of realistic images, implemented together with the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics and Luxoft;
    • Intelligent Systems, with a focus on a wide spectrum of intelligent technologies.


    There is a high demand for specialists with higher qualifications in IT. Our graduates not only have excellent programming skills and a comprehensive understanding of computer technologies but also are able to conduct research in the field of artificial intelligence for its further use in information and cyberphysical systems. 


    • Methodology of Software Engineering 
    • Photorealistic Visualization of Three-Dimensional Scenes
    • Embedded Systems Software
    • Mathematical Models and Computer Modeling Methodology
    • Parallel Computing


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