• Electrical Engineering

    13.04.02 Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics

  • Nikolay Polyakov, +7 (953) 352-0623, polyakov_n_a@itmo.ru


    305,000 rubles/year


    The program trains specialists highly competent in the development of smart electric power systems. Comprehensive theoretical training is aimed at acquiring knowledge in the field of automation system elements, semiconductor converter devices, microprocessor control systems, including digital electric drives, as well as SmartGrid systems, including power and heat power devices.

    The program includes two specializations:

    • Automated Electric Drives
    • Converter Devices in Electric Power Systems
    • Intelligent Power Systems


    In the modern digital world, it is necessary to implement new concepts of electric power infrastructure that would account for the increasing requirements to an electric drive's control accuracy and energy efficiency.


    • Power Management (sp. Converter Devices in Electric Power Systems and Intelligent Power Systems )
    • Electric Machines of Automatic Devices (sp. Automated Electric Drives)
    • Active Transducers of Electric Power Systems (sp. Converter Devices in Electric Power Systems)
    • Circuit Design of Control Systems (sp. Converter Devices in Electric Power Systems)
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