• Motion Control and Navigation Systems

    24.04.02 Motion Control and Navigation Systems
  • Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics

  • Natalya Potemina, +7 (921) 893-9327, kafins@mail.ru


    305,000 rubles/year


    This corporate Master's program trains specialists competent in solving fundamental and applied tasks occurring in the creation of control systems, novel navigation sensors, and information and navigation systems on their basis. 

    The curriculum includes both general engineering subjects helping students form essential skills in designing, building and developing technical and cyberphysical systems, and specialized courses. Special disciplines offer an in-depth study of systems for control and navigation of different objects – surface, underwater, ground, underground and space.

    The program includes the following specializations:

    • The specialization Information and Navigation Systems focuses on the development and design of navigation systems;
    • The specialization Software and Algorithms focuses on the development and debugging of software for information and navigation systems and complexes;
    • The specialization Control of Above-Surface Watercraft focuses on the synthesis of motion control and navigation algorithms for surface ships.


    The development of autonomous vehicles, including self-driving cars, autonomous aerial and underwater vehicles and new types of autonomous robots, calls for developing modern and improving conventional navigation and traffic control systems. Designing modern navigation technologies requires high-level knowledge and skills in the field of control theory, computer methods for developing tools and systems, information processing algorithms, applied programming, design and modeling, which this program provides. 

    The program is implemented in collaboration with Concern CSRI Elektropribor, allowing students to gain the latest industrial knowledge and skills.


    • Intelligent Technologies in Control and Navigation Tasks 
    • Control and Navigation in Robotic Systems 
    • Methods and Tasks of Navigation Information Processing (taught in English) 
    • Integrated Inertial-Satellite Orientation and Navigation Systems 
    • Modern Methods of Designing Inertial Sensitive Elements of Information and Navigation Systems


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