• Corporate Finance & Venture Capital

    27.04.05 Innovation Studies
  • Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

  • Svetlana Tretiakova, +7 (921) 953-1451, tretiakova@itmo.ru


    305,000 rubles/year


    The program trains highly qualified specialists capable of identifying and analyzing patterns and peculiarities in the field of investment decision-making in an innovative economy. 

    The program provides students with opportunities for building individual learning tracks, allowing them to focus on studying the economy of innovation and entrepreneurship at the level of individual entrepreneurial structures, the development and implementation of entrepreneurial projects in promising and significant fields, including in the field of sustainable use of energy and resources, and the development of venture projects using various forms of financing.

    The program includes two specializations:

    • Corporate Finance
    • Venture Capital Investment

    The program’s graduates will be capable of generating innovative ideas, know the key features of venture investment and capital markets, and be able to organize project work as part of a startup, as well as independently design and implement innovations. 


    Modern state economic policy priorities in many countries aim to develop the innovative activity of entrepreneurial structures, create a competitive economic environment, and form an effective innovative economy – and the program trains specialists highly competent in these areas. 


    • Startups and Innovative Business Modeling
    • Legal Regulation of Financial Transactions
    • Company Valuations
    • Strategic Management
    • Innovation Entrepreneurship: Value Creation
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