• Innovative Marketing

    27.04.05 Innovation Studies
  • Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

  • Dina Soloveva, +7 (921) 755-0003, dvsoloveva@itmo.ru


    305,000 rubles/year


    The program’s comprehensive curriculum includes disciplines in two key subject areas:

    • Marketing and Its Modern Tools
    • Management and Marketing of Innovations

    Students can choose within a wide range of electives, which allows them to cover the diversity of modern marketing concepts and helps them to master the ever-developing marketing toolset and design of integrated marketing solutions. 

    The program comprises the following three specializations:

    • Marketing of Innovations
    • Digital Marketing
    • Branding

    Innovative Marketing is a corporate Master’s program. The Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations’ extensive partner network allows students to partake in internships and do their practical training at both major corporations and small and medium businesses, where they immerse themselves in the industry and learn its specifics on a first-hand basis.


    The program trains specialists with an in-depth forecasting vision and is capable of proactive decisions that anticipate and form the future. Professionals with such competencies will, first and foremost, be in high demand among innovative and hi-tech sectors of the national economy, as well as small, medium, and large enterprises in different fields that strive to promote their solutions on the market of innovative ideas, products, and services.


    • Digital Analytics
    • Innovation Management
    • Brand Management
    • Brand Marketing
    • Business in Digital Environment
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