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    271,000 rubles/year 


    Innovative Entrepreneurship is a flagship program of ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, aimed at the future leaders of the largest sectors of the innovative economy. We train technological entrepreneurs, heads of cutting-edge hi-tech companies and departments for innovative development of major corporations. 

    Students can choose between the following specializations:

    • Innovative Entrepreneurship: ICT Entrepreneurship (learn more about this English-language specialization here)
    • Innovative Entrepreneurship: FoodTech Entrepreneurship (learn more about this English-language specialization here)
    • Management in the Life Sciences Sector 
    • Entrepreneurship in the Field of Cleantech
    • Innovative Transport Technology
    • Engineering in Creative Industries 
    • Businesses and Technologies of Printed Electronics

    The program’s key advantage is that it provides the opportunity for an in-depth study of the chosen economic sector as part of one of five technological modules by specialized ITMO University schools: Big Data, Robotics, New Materials, Biotechnologies, and Digital Transport. 

    In the course of their training, students take part in the development of their own business projects under the guidance of leading lecturers, entrepreneurs and investors. Graduation theses can be carried out in the form of a research project or a startup. 

    Innovative Entrepreneurship is a corporate Master’s program. The Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations’ extensive partner network allows students to partake in internships and do their practical training at both major corporations and small and medium businesses, where they immerse themselves into the industry and learn its specifics on a first-hand basis.

    Learn more about this and other programs offered by the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


    The program contributes to the scientific systematization of the aspects of technological entrepreneurship and is a significant element of the system for the training of specialists in the field of innovation science and practice. 

    The program’s graduates work on the introduction of innovative solutions and approaches to the development of the country, regions, territories, sectors, organizations and companies, the development of infrastructure and implementation of new technologies, and information, technological, regulatory, and financial support of innovative activity. 


    • Management of Scientific Research and Development 
    • Big Data
    • Innovative Entrepreneurship: Creating Value
    • Robotics
    • Digitalization of Transport
    • New Materials
    • Biotechnology


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