• Laser Technologies

    12.04.05 Laser Engineering and Laser Technologies
  • Faculty of Nanoelectronics

  • Yuliia Fedorova, +7 (911) 906-4451, yvsemyashkina@mail.ru


    350,000 rubles/year


    The Laser Technologies educational program trains highly qualified specialists capable of working with laser equipment in any modern hi-tech field. Laser technologies are used in different branches of the industry and medicine and allow to make extensive use of new materials and additive technologies, automatize processing and provide for better efficiency and ecological safety that the world is trying to achieve.


    • Laser Micro- and Nanotechnologies
    • Laser Biomedical Technologies
    • Laser Information Systems


    The progress in the field of creating powerful modern lasers prompts the necessity to train highly qualified specialists in the field of industrial and infocommunication systems and technologies, laser cutting and welding, as well as laser biomedical technologies and systems. Students of the program are actively involved in research and do internships at such enterprises as Laser Center, Lasertec, Ftoil, and many others. 


    • Optics of Biological Tissue (sp. Laser Biomedical Technologies)
    • Laser Processing of Thin Films (sp. Laser Micro- and Nanotechnologies)
    • Laser Microtechnology in Medicine (sp. Laser Micro- and Nanotechnologies)
    • Laser Dynamics (sp. Laser Information Systems)
    • Optoinformatics Materials of Quantum Electronics and Nanoinformatics (sp. Laser Information Systems)


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