• Radiofrequency Systems and Devices

    16.04.01 Technical Physics
  • Faculty of Physics and Engineering

  • Julia Tolstoykh, +7-951-651-99-26, Julia.tolstykh@metalab.ifmo.ru


    The program is aimed at giving the Master's students fundamental knowledge and skills in developing devices and equipment of modern radiofrequency communication systems, systems for transferring, receiving, and processing data, as well as medical diagnostic systems. The acquired competencies allow the program’s graduates to successfully work in their chosen field in both Russia and abroad.


    The modern means of communication, navigation and diagnostics rely on highly efficient hardware, which makes the program highly relevant. During their training, the students not only get skills in the fundamentals of radiophysics, radio engineering, methods of analysis and synthesis of antennae and devices for various radiofrequency systems, but also develop essential competencies in modern applied electrodynamics.
    From the very start of their training, the students participate in research activities and get fundamental knowledge and skills of working with advanced measurement equipment and CAD methods. What's more, the students improve their presentation and intellectual property protection skills, which ensures their success at both research and technical tasks.


    The program's key purpose is to train highly qualified researchers and engineers who possess professional knowledge and practical skills that are necessary for conducting successful R&D work in the field of developing antennae and radiofrequency devices.


    Students can participate in academic exchange programs in the following Russian cities: Moscow and the Moscow region, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg. Some of the internships take place at branch offices of various research centers and hi-tech enterprises in St. Petersburg. 

    International internships involve trips to such major to such major centers of education and research as: 

    1. Leiden and Utrecht (the Netherlands);
    2. Paris and Marseille (France);
    3. New York (the USA);
    4. Canberra (Australia);
    5. Helsinki (Finland);
    6. Tel Aviv (Israel)
    7. ...and many others.
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