Radiofrequency Systems and Devices
  • Radiofrequency Systems and Devices

    16.04.01 Technical Physics
  • Faculty of Physics and Engineering

  • Julia Tolstykh, +7-951-651-99-26,


    306,000 rubles/year 


    The program trains creative developers and scientists working in the field of modern radio systems for data transmission, communications, medical diagnostics and navigation. Our graduates have a competitive advantage of possessing in-depth knowledge of radiophysics and high-level mastery of the latest methods of calculation, computer modeling and prototyping of antennas and digital and analog high-frequency devices.

    The program includes the following two specializations:

    • Radiofrequency Systems and Devices (with a focus on antennas of modern data transmission systems, communications and navigation);
    • Radiofrequency Systems and Devices for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (with a focus on MRI methods and equipment).


    The modern means of communication, navigation and diagnostics rely on highly efficient hardware, which makes the program highly relevant. During their training, the students not only get skills in the fundamentals of radiophysics, radio engineering, methods of analysis and synthesis of antennae and devices for various radiofrequency systems, but also develop essential competencies in modern applied electrodynamics.
    From the very start of their training, the students participate in research activities and get fundamental knowledge and skills of working with advanced measurement equipment and CAD methods. What's more, the students improve their presentation and intellectual property protection skills, which ensures their success at both research and technical tasks.


    • Technologies and Experimental Methods in Radiophysics and Tomography
    • Pulse Sequences and Physical Contrast Methods in MR Imaging
    • Nonlinear Oscillations and Waves
    • Antennas and Radiofrequency Devices
    • Special Issues in Antenna Theory
    • Technical Electrodynamics
    • Computing Tools and Computer Modeling in Physics
    • Electrodynamics of Metamaterials
    • High-Frequency and Ultra-High-Frequency Electronics


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