Bioeconomics and Resource Management
  • Bioeconomics and Resource Management

    18.04.02 Energy- and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petroleum Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Applied Optics

  • Maria Fokina, +7 (921) 596-2672,


    262,000 rubles/year 


    Implemented on the basis of ITMO University’s state-of-the-art Bioengineering Center, the program focuses on training highly qualified specialists in the field of energy- and resource-efficient processes in chemical technology, petroleum chemistry and biotechnology using green chemistry technologies. 

    Apart from their main specialization, students have the opportunity to add an additional one to their curriculum and receive two diplomas in the subject areas "Energy- and Resource-Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petroleum Chemistry and Biotechnology" and "Economics". The curriculum combines fundamental and practical training in the field of information technologies and modeling, ecology and physicochemical analysis methods, recycling and disposal of materials, nanotechnologies, and general chemical technology.


    One of the problems facing today’s world is ensuring and promoting environmental protection, which creates an increasingly high demand for specialists capable of implementing projects in consideration of environmental safety standards, navigating the business environment, providing substantiation of technical and economic feasibility of entrepreneurial projects and conducting the optimization of business processes.

    Many industrial companies are becoming more and more involved in the development of energy and resource-efficient technologies, exploration of ways of protecting the environment, as well as the creation of environmentally safe green chemistry technologies and automated monitoring systems. What is more, quality control and safety monitoring systems can be successfully integrated into almost all chemical and petrochemical enterprises and laboratories, as well as into the metallurgical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


    • Alternative Energy Sources
    • Information Technologies in Science and Education
    • Methods of Optimization and Organization of Energy and Resource-Efficient Chemical Technology Systems
    • Sensory Materials and Their Applications


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