• Big Data and Machine Learning

    01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Digital Transformation

  • Aleksandra Karabintseva, +7 (921) 914-5946, aakarabintseva@itmo.ru

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    380,000 rubles/year


    The goal of the educational program is to train highly qualified experts who can design, develop and effectively use big data and machine learning technologies to solve modern-day problems.


    • Big Data Infrastructure Organization and Management
    • Technologies of Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis 
    • Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intelligence 
    • Intelligent Big Data Technologies in Medicine and Healthcare

    With a degree in Big Data and Machine Learning, graduates can work as research engineers, data specialists, analysts, and software developers at large research centers and innovative startups, as well as researchers at the best universities in Russia and abroad.


    In today’s world, a company cannot be fully hi-tech and competitive without using the achievements of big data analytics. Specialists who can properly arrange analytical processes and implement high-performance data algorithms in distributed computing environments are especially sought-after on the market due to the accelerated development of information technologies.


    • Algorithm Design and Analysis
    • Methodology of Translational Research
    • Methods and Models for Multivariate Data Analysis
    • Big Data Infrastructure
    • Quantum Cognitive Technologies in Artificial Intelligence Systems
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