• Food Production Processes and Equipment

    15.04.02 Technological Machines and Equipment
  • Faculty of Biotechnologies

  • Olga Egorova, +7 (953) 146-6628, oaegorova@itmo.ru


    271,000 rubles/year 


    This corporate Master's program trains specialists who conduct the development of commercially valuable products based on modern methods of experimental research, design and modeling.

    The following specializations are available as part of the program:

    • Biothermohydromechanical and Supercritical Fluid Principles of Creating Processes and Apparatus for Food Technologies
    • Rheology and Hydrodynamics of Multiphase Flows

    Learn more about this and other ITMO University Master's programs in the field of biotechnology in this article by ITMO.NEWS. 


    The program’s graduates possess up-to-date knowledge and skills in the field of implementing processes for processing food raw materials and maintaining the operation of technological equipment. A significant part of practical training is done on the basis of ITMO University’s research laboratories and St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center under the guidance of experts and with support from such major companies as Baltika Brewery, Fazer, and Russian Standard. 

    The program's students successfully participate in research and applied projects led by partner organizations, and have the opportunity to join these companies later on. 


    • Specialized Software Packages for Process Modeling
    • Development of the Theory of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer
    • Methodology for Researching Food and Biotechnological Processes
    • Methodology for Researching Baromembrane Technology Devices
    • Methods and Tools in Biotechnology Research 
    • Information Technologies in Rheometry
    • Methods for Researching Hydromechanical Processes in Biotechnology
    • Modeling of Resource-Efficient Processes in Biotechnology
    • Trends in the Creation and Operation of Biotechnological Reactors
    • Problems of Improving Biotechnology Processes and Apparatuses


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