• Speech Technologies and Machine Learning

    09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies
  • Information Technologies and Programming Faculty

  • Olesya Makhnytkina, +7 (965) 086-5859, makhnytkina@itmo.ru


    380,000 rubles/year


    This corporate Master's program is conducted in collaboration with the Speech Technology Center, a global leader in the development of innovative systems in the field of high-quality recording, processing and analysis of audio and video information, speech synthesis and recognition. 

    The following specializations are available as part of the program:

    • Biometric Information Systems
    • Speech Information Systems


    The development of automatic speech processing systems is among the most relevant trends in the field of modern information technologies. These systems make living in the global information community safer and more efficient. The application of biometric identification technologies has become an essential aspect of security in various access systems. Biometric solutions make use of immanent features that are unique to each person, and considerably decrease the risk of fraud in financial organizations, unsanctioned access, etc.


    The program's goal is to train specialists who focus on conducting research and project work in the field of speech information technologies, including speech recognition and synthesis, multi-modal biometrics, design and development of information systems and software.


    Specialists in the development of speech technologies are highly sought after in the public sector, finance, healthcare, legal and judicial systems, media communications, defense industry, and other fields.


    • Introduction to Data Mining
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Speaker Recognition
    • Applied Artificial Intelligence
    • Digital Signal Processing
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