• Business Information Systems

    09.04.03 Applied Computer Science
  • Information Technologies and Programming Faculty

  • Aleksandr Mayatin, +7 (921) 317-6828, mayatin@itmo.ru


    380,000 rubles/year


    The program is focused on preparing students for solving professional challenges in analyzing and modeling business and applied processes, designing the architecture of socio-cyberphysical systems, analyzing the possibilities of using information systems, intellectual technologies, and knowledge management for improving applied processes, creating and developing components of information systems and enterprise architecture elements.


    • Business Information System Modelling
    • Business Information System Design
    • Development of Business Information Systems (in Russian) 


    The introduction of enterprise information systems calls for a comprehensive approach to the analysis of business and application processes, choice of technological platforms and configurations, development of project solutions, and organization of information processes. This contributes to the market's demand for specialists who are capable of the development and introduction of information systems in the business and production processes of an enterprise. The program is conducted in collaboration with the University of Rostock (Germany).


    • Service-Oriented Intelligent Systems 
    • Information Management in Tourism
    • Information Systems Project Management
    • Logic and Methodology of Science
    • Architecture of Enterprises
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