• Game Development Technologies

    09.04.03 Applied Computer Science
  • Faculty of Digital Transformation

  • Alexander Khoroshavin, +7 (999) 235-6494, alexgoodwin@itmo.ru


    380,000 rubles/year 


    The program focuses on the advanced technologies of game development, whilst also covering the key theoretical and practical aspects of the video game industry, from psychological aspects of games to team management and releasing one's own product.

    The students can choose one of the two specializations: Game Design and In-Game Technologies


    The video game industry is one of the most rapidly growing and advanced industries in the field of digital technologies. Game development today is a unique interdisciplinary area that combines art and engineering giving specialists in the field freedom to experiment. The project-based approach adopted by the program enables its students to gain the needed hands-on experience and finish their studies with at least three full-fledged projects in their portfolio. Over the course of training, students can take part in various courses and workshops delivered by representatives of the leading gamedev studios. 


    The number of game development studios that are ready to employ new specialists grows with each year. What's more, video game industry specialists can also find employment in other fields of digital media technologies and IT in general.


    The students can do internships at game development companies as gameplay programmers, game engine developers, render programmers, R&D engineers, tool developers, level designers, game designers, technical artists, game producers, etc.


    • Software Development Tools
    • Real-Time Computer Graphics
    • Fundamentals of Computer Games Design
    • Architecture of Game Engines and Virtual Reality Systems
    • Algorithm Design and Analysis
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