• Big Data Financial Technologies

    11.04.02 Infocommunication Networks and Communication Systems
  • Faculty of Digital Transformation

  • Alexandra Klimova, +7 (911) 157-8226, alexandra.klimova@itmo.ru


    271,000 rubles/year 


    The program trains specialists in the field of information technologies who are capable of ensuring the full cycle of working with big data in the financial sphere – from infrastructure support of working with big data to applying machine learning methods for big data analysis.

    The program is implemented in collaboration with the National Center for Cognitive Technologies and allows students to take part in real-world research and project work.

    The program includes two specializations:

    • Global Financial Systems Management, which focuses on studying systematic effects in the functioning and interaction of financial institutions and considers the aspects of both explanatory modeling of global financial environments and generating optimal strategies in conditions of high uncertainty. 
    • Organization of Interaction in Cyberspace, which focuses on the development of competencies in the sphere of digital finance, covering psychological, technical, and methodological aspects of financial behavior, including the application of open sources-derived big data processing.


    The program’s relevance is driven by the global trends of financial operations’ transition to cyberspace, as well as the high demand for specialists with skills in comprehensive modeling, mining and analyzing data, and creating research-intensive financial and banking solutions. 


    • Cyberspace Management
    • Investment Strategies for Financial Markets
    • Global Financial Markets
    • Cyberspace Analytics
    • Financial Cybersecurity
    • Technology for Economic Decision-Making Support
    • Financial Cybertechnologies
    • Big Data Technologies
    • Probabilistic Data Analysis Methods
    • Mathematical Modeling in Financial Environment
    • Introduction to Financial Mathematics
    • Psychology of Cyberspace
    • Methods of Infological Modeling in Finance


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