Big Data Financial Technologies
  • Big Data Financial Technologies

    11.04.02 Infocommunication networks and communication systems
  • School of Translational Information Technologies

  • Irina Bashkina, +7 (921) 631-3898,


    The program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists in the field of information technologies who are capable working with Big Data in financial systems. This includes:

    1. development and practical implementation of solutions for processing, analysis and aggregation of Big Data in the financial field by methods of machine learning;
    2. development, debugging and adjustment of mathematical models for research and forecasting of financial and economic processes by means of predictive modeling;
    3. development of mathware and software decision support in financial management (user services, banks, stock exchange, etc.).


    The program’s relevance stems from the global trend of transferring financial operations into cyberspace, and the demand for specialists who possess the skills of comprehensive modeling, extraction and analysis of data and development of science-intensive financial and banking solutions.


    The program's graduates are sought-after in the banking sector, IT and telecommunication industries, insurance and logistics companies and other companies and organizations with high requirements for analytical, information and technological competencies. 


    The students can do internships at leading Russian financial organizations, telecommunication companies, integrators and companies that conduct software development in the financial field, such as:

    1. Sberbank
    2. Bank Saint Petersburg
    3. Rossiya Bank
    4. Itiviti 
    5. DOHOD Investment Company
    6. Agency for Strategic Initiatives
    7. Open Code company
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