Information Technologies in Thermal Physics
  • Information Technologies in Thermal Physics

    16.04.03 Refrigeration, Cryogenic Technology and Life-Support Systems
  • Faculty of Cryogenic Engineering

  • Nikolay Pilipenko, +7 (911) 273 88 51,


    318,000 rubles/year 


    The program trains specialists possessing a high level of knowledge and skills in the field of research-intensive and computer technologies, mathematical modeling, energy conservation and increasing energy efficiency of different objects, processes and technologies. 


    Thermal physics is a branch of technical physics that deals with mathematical modeling and experimental research of simultaneous physical processes: thermal, hydrodynamic, diffusion, optical, and electromagnetic. The need to solve such thermophysical problems arises in almost all fields of science and technology – energy, optical, and electronic engineering, physical chemistry and solid-state physics, cryogenic and high-temperature technology, biology, medicine and the food industry.


    • Thermal Regulation and Control of Thermal Processes
    • Energy Conversion Processes and Devices
    • Monitoring of Energy-Physical Processes


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