Commercial Refrigerating Systems and Heat Pump Devices
  • Commercial Refrigerating Systems and Heat Pump Devices

    16.04.03 Refrigeration, Cryogenic Technology and Life-Support Systems
  • Faculty of Cryogenic Engineering

  • Mikhail Danilov, +7 (911) 286-41-02,


    318,000 rubles/year 


    The program trains specialists competent in working with cold and heat generation technologies, as well as intelligent systems of energy-efficient heat and cold energy complexes.

    The program includes two specializations:

    • Heat and Cold Energy Complexes
    • Efficient Cold and Heat Generation Technologies

    The education process is based on in-depth study of thermophysics, hydro-gas dynamics, gas compression processes, the theory of thermodynamic cycles, and heat and cold supply and energy conversion systems. Students acquire skills in designing cold and heat generation systems and take an active part in conducting theoretical and experimental research.


    The global refrigeration industry is one of the most dynamically growing sectors of the world’s economy and produces breakthrough technologies essential for both industry and daily life. Cooling technologies are widely used in power industry, agriculture, biology, mining, construction, transport, environmental protection, social services, and healthcare.

    Energy complexes are becoming more and more actively used and developed, as they provide increased energy savings in the process of generating cold, heat and electricity. The use of heat pumps, in turn, leads to a reduction in electricity consumption by 3-4 times, and natural gas – by 60%. Cooling technologies are actively used in the production of liquefied natural gas, one of the most promising energy sources of the near future.


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