• Industrial Ecology

    18.04.02 Energy- and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petroleum Chemistry and Biotechnology*
  • Faculty of Biotechnologies

  • Natalia Kurnikova, +7 (903) 601-56-17, nvkurnikova@itmo.ru

  • *18.04.02 Energy- and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petroleum Chemistry and Biotechnology
      20.04.01 Technosphere Safety

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    305,000 rubles/year


    The Master's program trains specialists capable of implementing the principles of industrial ecology, industrial symbiosis, and cleaner production to prevent a wide range of environmental disasters & pollution.


    • Cleaner Production (in Russian and English)
    • Environmental Design (in Russian and English)
    • Environmental Engineering (in Russian)
    • Urban Ecology (in Russian)
    • Integrated Management (in English – a double-degree specialization)


    The tasks of increasing energy- and resource-efficiency and climate change prevention by means of the introduction of alternative energy sources and energy- and resource-conserving projects, advanced technologies, and clean production methods at enterprises are deemed as the most important in the Russian Federation's energy and climate strategies.

    The program offers a systemic approach to the subjects of industrial ecology and clean production from the standpoint of the ecological lifecycle of products and services and is aimed at students with prior education in fields such as chemical technologies, ecological engineering, environmental management, and environmental engineering.


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